June 12, 2019

"It's not a sprint, it's a marathon."—business wisdom
"Except when it's a relay race."—Fraser Mills
Sprinting is tough: it takes training, discipline and focus. But marathons are something else. They not only take the same sort of training, discipline and focus, but they're also really hard. A marathon is a rollercoaster of quick success and challenging roadblocks that goes on and on. You have to keep slugging to get it done.
Building a business and getting a company off the ground is a marathon. Not only do you have to be a financier, a builder, a manager, a team player, a labourer, a strategic thinker, a media-relations expert, a savvy political player, and a driven entrepreneur, you also have to be able to work in that business itself and make it a success.
And sometimes during the race, after you've done your best, you need to hand off to the next runner who will take it to the finish line from the start you gave them.
That's happening at Fraser Mills: Ashley Brooks is handing off the baton to our new Brewer, Kristy Tattrie.
Ashley is and has been great for Fraser Mills. We could not have been happier with her contribution and her talents. But the long distance of her commute created a quality of life issue for her. She'll be returning to Four Winds, and we'd like to thank them for letting us work with one of their best, however briefly.
That baton is passing into good hands: Kristy Tattrie has agreed to take over as Brewmaster. She comes to us with a diploma from KPU, brewing experience at both Yellow Dog in Port Moody and with Molson's at their Vancouver facility.
She's also bringing enthusiasm and an eagerness to grip the reins on a new brewery. More than that, we've been friends with her for years, and know she'll do a great job and make us proud of her beer. She's also a Port Moody person, born and bred.
We wish Ashley all the best going forward, and we know she'll do well. And we welcome Kristy to Fraser Mills and know that she also is going to do great things for us.

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