Our Role In The Community

Beyond The Grape On-Premise Winemaking & Home Brewing Supplies and our staff take great pride in our community both locally and globally. We feel it is our responsibility as a business and as citizens to help out in our surroundings whenever we can.

Charities & Sponsorships

We take every request for donation quite seriously but as you can appreciate we are unable to fulfill them all. Therefore we focus as much as we can locally. We offer assistance by donating to charities like the Lower Mainland Purpose Society where we sponsor a single mother and her children for Christmas, Eagle Ridge Hospital Foundation where we do a large Gift-basket for their Gala Dinner Auction, and The Crossroads Hospice (which is very dear to our hearts for the love, care and support they offered us in our time of need) by donating regularly to their functions. Those are just some of the larger groups we donate to but we also assist many smaller groups like many school events (this includes preschool through to post-secondary), sports events like the Trevor Wingrove Memorial Tournament and many other amateur teams both school and community, local charities thinking big like No More NMOKick for a Cure and Michael Cuccione Foundation. These are just a  few of the groups we have assisted over the years, we would love to mention them all but the list would be far to long.

We are also very proud to be working with several local home brewing clubs to help share the hobby of home brewing. The Tri-Cities Brew Club make their monthly meeting home in our store and regularly hold events in front of the store. We have also supported their competitions with prizes, space and support.


When we moved into our new location, one of the things we worked hard on improving was our global foot print. During this process we found a company that was able to recycle the plastic bladders that the juice comes in. This was a big step for us as this option was not available to us in the two old locations as they were controlled by corporations that would not participate in such measures. One other option that was not available to us was the recycling of bottles, paper and other small recyclable items, we now are able to do this through the City of Port Moody's Recycling program. We have continued to recycle all our cardboard, to make us one of the most waste efficient stores in our industry.

Some other steps we took when we relocated were to reduce our electrical use. We were able to accomplish this by putting in programmable thermostats and timers on some of our equipment to ensure they were not left on but were ready to use when needed.

By making all of our own labels we have also reduced our waste as any left over labels can get repackaged with newly printed labels to make a new set. We also try to reuse as many of the package tops and bags we use to package the labels.

Recently we were presented with a cleaning product called Aseptox (A.K.A. One-Step).  Aseptox is a no-rinse cleanser. Other powdered cleansers require rinsing due to their alkaline nature. Aseptox uses active oxygen to do its work. It works by producing hydrogen peroxide in solution. Aseptox consists of oxygen bonded to mineral crystals. When added to water, the crystals dissolve and release oxygen to produce hydrogen peroxide. After hydrogen does its work it degrades into oxygen and water, leaving only the minerals behind. Those minerals are naturally occurring compounds in the environment – in fact there are appreciable amounts of them in our tap water. This product is obviously far better for the environment than cleaners with chlorine or Phosphates, so we have switched to Aseptox as its cleaning abilities are equal to the other products but the cost is less and the environmental impact is far less.

We hope our efforts to stay ahead of the curve on the environment are encouraging others in our industry to follow our lead. The measures we have taken to be more environmentally responsible will hopefully help out locally and globally. As new environmentally beneficial programs come about, we will look at each one and see what we can do to improve our store further.

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