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Ideal for measuring high strength alcohol in smaller trial jars. Should be used to test alcohol straight off the still. Your Alcoholmeter is calibrated to test Ethyl Alcohol and De-Mineralised Water at 20C/68F. This instrument permits you to know the alcohol content in a solution of water and alcohol.The current official unit of measure in the E.C. is % VOLUME. That means the % of volume of Ethyl alcohol contained in a s solution of water and alcohol. The official testing temperature is 20C/68F. The scale is graduated from 0% to 100%. 0% is water without alcohol.

Handle your Alcoholmeter carefully. DO NOT BOIL. To have a correct reading use your Alcoholmeter in a cylinder larger enough to let the Alcoholmeter float freely. The plastic packaging in which you bought your Alcoholmeter can be used as a test jar. If you require a more exact reading use a suitably sized glass jar. This Alcoholmeter has been calibrated at 20C/68F. To ensure an accurate reading it is necessary to test the liquid in a room where the air temperature is as close to 20C/68/F as possible

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