Hops Sabro 2oz



Formerly known as HBC 438, Sabro™ was released by the Hop Breeding Company in 2018. It is the result of a unique cross-pollination of a female neomexicanus hop.

With a multifaceted bouquet and high level of aromatic oils (particularly myrcene), Sabro™excels in finishing and dry hop additions providing aromas of fruit and citrus, particularly tangerine, coconut, tropical and stone fruits with undertones of cedar and mint.

Usage: Aroma

Flavor Profile: Tangerine, coconut, tropical and stone fruit with hints of cedar

Beer Styles (most likely to be used in): American style ales

Hop Statistics

  • Alpha Acids: 12.0 - 16.0%
  • Beta Acids: 4.0 - 7.0%
  • Cohumulone: (% of alpha acids): 20 - 24%
  • Total Oils in mls per 100 grams dried: 2.5 - 3.5 mL/100g
  • Myrcene: 50 - 70%

Collections: Hops

Category: last call, Pellet, Special Order

Type: Hops

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