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CITRA Debittered Cryogenically separated “American Noble Hops” from Yakima Chief in the Pacific Northwest.  Reduced Alpha is only 2.4!  These hops have been cryogenically debittered to allow for adding more delicate flavor to your brew. Citra hops impart interesting citrus (hence the name) and tropical fruit characters to beer. A commercial release, Citra is far and away my favorite hop. Grapefruit, orange, and gooseberry line up in front with a tinge of tropical mango fruit and a roasty rye aroma in the finished brew.  It continues to rise in popularity and is sometimes hard to find at a decent price towards the end of winter.  

American Noble Hops™ are a new line of pellets from Yakima Chief Hops that are debittered during the Cryo process, making them ideal for use in more delicate beers like Pilsners and Belgians, and perfect for dry hopping and late kettle editions.  They are purer and cleaner and so the “Noble” designation. American Noble Hops™ are a Brewing aide, not just another hop replacement.

AMERICAN NOBLE HOPS pellets are designed to share traditional noble hop variety characteristics, including high aromatics and low alpha acids, while retaining regional hop characteristics that make them unique to America’s Pacific Northwest. AMERICAN NOBLE HOPS pellets are a high-quality, consistent solution for providing nuanced flavors and aromas from varieties like Cascade, Citra® Brand, Mosaic® Brand and Simcoe® Brand, making them perfect for Pilsner, Kölsch, Blonde, Saison and/or Sour beer styles.


• Unique flavor profiles from high-resin hops
• Noble hop replacement with reliable supply
• High-quality, low-alpha product
• Low cost alternative
• Source of polyphenols & antioxidants
• Controlled, oxygen-free production environment
• Solvent, heat, & pressure free processing

AMERICAN NOBLE HOPS analytically appear similar to traditional low-alpha varieties, however, the bract itself contains many other variety-specific brewing characteristics. AMERICAN NOBLE HOPS contribute pleasant noble bitterness with the unique aroma of higher resin Northwest varieties due to the extraction of water soluble flavor compounds such as flavonoids, glycosides and polyphenols.

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