Hosing Translucent Silicone 3/8"x1/2"

Fraser Mills Fermentation Supplies


NL5480 Silicone tubing is a soft, inert, flexible tubing that is able to resist extreme temperature variations. It is also extremely resistant to ozone and UV over long periods of time and it has good insulator abilities and self-extinguishing characteristics which make it ideal for appliances and computers. Our NL5480 (translucent milky white colour, other colours available on request) is made from FDA & NSF materials making it suitable in food applications for dispensing or light vacuum Silicone tubing may also be used for low pressure steam sterilization or autoclaved at up to 250°F in a normal autoclaving cycle. However, if exposed to repeated steam sterilization, long-term high temperature or pressure, silicone will eventually relax and become “gummy” and should then be replaced.

Construction: Tube: Smooth silicone. Cover: Smooth silicone - shore hardness 45-55. Reinforcement: None.

Temperature Range: -73°C (-100°F) to +260°C (500°F)


Price is per foot or 12"

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