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Perfectly suited for New England-style IPAs and Belgian Wits. Oat Malt has a high haze for intentionally cloudy beers. The perfect balance between easy lautering, high turbidity and rich oat flavor. Combines the flavors of traditional Pale Ale malt and toasty granola.

Suitable for up to 65% of the grain bill. Use as 5 - 10% of the bill to add a light haze without significant impact on the beer's flavor. 20 - 50% will add significant turbidity and increase sweet, toasty flavor and added mouthfeel.

Canada Malting is the largest malt company in Canada, producing approximately 400,000 metric tons of malt per year for brewers and distillers around the world—from the largest of multinational organizations to the smallest of craft brewers—as well as for food processors. In addition to their malt plants in Calgary, Montreal and Thunder Bay, they own and operate nine country elevators through Canada Malting Grain group.

Moisture %: 4.3
Protein Total %: 11
Color °L: 2.3 - 2.9
Extract FG Dry: 60 - 64
Turbidity: 65 - 80
Beta-Glucan: 125 - 160
Milling Status

Collections: Malt & Grains

Category: Base Malts, Canadian, Pale Malt / 2 Row, Rahr

Type: Malt/ Grains

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