Trub Buster 1100



Home brewers are always looking for the most effective way to reduce hop material from their wort. Many brewers prefer to leave hop particles (trub) left behind in the boil kettle to help make a crystal clear beer that even a mainstream beer drinker will appreciate.

Most pancake style devices are hand crafted after obtaining material and sewing with stainless steel wire or folding the mesh. They can be prone to repairs for holes and frayed ends. Fabricating challenged people have been to known spend days attempting to make a trub filter with considerable expense, just to toss the project away after mixed results.

Ontariobeerkegs is proud to present our version of the popular pancake style hop stopper. The 1100 models needs a pot with a diameter at least 15 1/4".

A dip tube (not included) will need to be made to attach to your kettle with a compression fitting. Copper tubing is pliable by hand and available at any hardware store.

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