Trub Buster 900



Trub is defined as the sediment formed at the base of the fermenting kettle. It is comprised of heavy fats, yeast, and proteins. They appear as little bits of beige sediments suspended in the wort. There are two types of trub, hot breaks and cold breaks. Hot breaks is trub that precipitates above the boiling point while cold trub forms at around 60 degrees Fahrenheit. Thus, home brewers need to remove most of the trub between the boil and fermentation stages.

Although this mixture is nutrient rich, it is no longer needed when creating beer. Many home brewers prefer to leave most of the trub in the kettle to avoid mixing them with the wort while some use devices such as a trub filter.

As the name implies, the trub filter helps filter the wort from finer sediments called trub. The problem with most conventional filters is that they are prone to holes and frayed ends. The Trub Buster is especially designed to filter the trub from the wort.

Made from 304 stainless steel construction, the Trub Buster features a rigid design that will not easily get damaged through time. The mesh comes with 300-micron holes which is very effective in removing the trub from the wort.

It has a diameter of 12 1/2" thus it can fit larger sized brew kettles. It comes with a pickup tube opening which allows a 1/2" dip tube to be attached to it.

OntarioBeerKegs is proud to present our version of the popular pancake style hop stopper. The Trub Buster 900. With a compression fitting installed the 900 models needs a pot with a diameter at least 12 1/4".

A dip tube (not included) will need to attached to your kettle with a compression fitting. Copper tubing is pliable by hand and available at any hardware store.

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